How to get a credit card on favorable terms?

A credit card is in many ways much more convenient than a consumer loan - they issue it quickly, they don’t ask about goals, and along with money you often get certain bonuses - discounts from bank partners or participation in airline loyalty programs. But how to get a credit card on favorable terms? About these questions - in this article.

What credit card can I get at the bank?

At present, banks offer a large number of types of credit cards, and each of them has a number of significant features. To choose the most profitable option you should know what the cards differ from each other and what advantages and disadvantages they have.

Which of cards to choose? The answer to this question depends on your personal needs. Think about what you usually spend money on, and choose a credit card that will save on purchases. Those who travel frequently should pay attention to the cards participating in the bonus programs of airlines, girls can be advised of the cards, which offer discounts in shops and beauty salons. If you expect to return the money quickly, choose a product with a grace period. If the card is needed "here and now" - it is worth thinking about the design of an instant or express card. A well-chosen card will not only to get money on credit, but also reduce costs.

Where can I get a credit card?

The most obvious way to get a credit card is to go to a bank and apply. The problem is that there may not be a branch of a suitable bank near your home or office. In addition, you will not get a card right away - you will have to wait a few days for a decision. All this (as well as possible queues) makes the processing of a credit card in a bank not as convenient as a more modern way - online registration.

Some banks offer the service of receiving a credit card by mail - this option is convenient for those who live far from the city or for some reason cannot come to the bank branch for their credit card. In this case, the application for card issuance is also processed online, and after a positive decision is made, the bank sends the card to the client by registered mail. All necessary documents are also attached to the card.

Before you go to the bank for a credit card, you need to prepare a package of documents. Each bank has its own requirements for borrowers, and the list of required papers is always indicated on the websites. The higher the limit and the more profitable conditions, the more evidence of financial solvency from you will be required. In order to get a credit card with a small limit and a relatively high interest rate, a lot of papers will not be required. Usually, the bank asks for only a passport and a completed application.